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We are defined by our actions toward others not others’ actions toward us.

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Christian Hagen

Creative Director / Brussels

A third culture kid with a thirst for knowledge and a keen challenge, Christian uses his passion for photography to tell stories that resonate with impact.


Nina Hagen

Creative Director / London

“I think the world would be a better place if we all built something beautiful.”

Based in London I've developed a severe addiction to new encounters and enriching moments, both with people and places, allowing me to comfortably adapt to the unknown. I am seduced by visual systems and inspired by those who dare to change the norm - whether it be through brand identities or artistic expression.


Edouard Mondron

Commercial Director / Brussels

I believe in transforming what is, for what will be, with an instinctively positive & open-mind. In business, this has helped me develop long-lasting bonds with unexpected creative human potentials - you could call it my passion.